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Sussex, NJ (FWN)

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7 p.m. CDT

Chapter Chat: Tax Exempt Basics

Patti Arthur


Is your chapter tax exempt? Charitable? 501(c)(3)? Confused? This webinar will cover the basics of tax exempt status for EAA chapters. If your chapter is interested in becoming a recognized charity by the IRS, make sure you attend. Patti Arthur, a tax attorney with many years of experience helping EAA chapters, will help you understand the basic rules of tax exempt and charitable status.


8 p.m. CDT

Differential Diagnosis
Qualifies for FAA Wings and AMT credit

Mike Busch


To err is human, but when humans make mistakes working on aircraft, bad things can happen. Maintenance expert Mike Busch discusses the kinds and causes of maintenance errors and what can be done to prevent them. Mike thinks that some piston GA maintenance shops may have more distractions and less quality assurance than do airline and bizjet maintenance facilities, so savvy owners of GA aircraft need to act as final inspectors and take that role very seriously.


7 p.m. CDT

Aviation Weather Center Operations and Products
Qualifies for FAA Wings credit.

Declan Cannon


The Aviation Weather Center delivers consistent, timely, and accurate weather information for the world airspace system. Declan Cannon from NOAA will provide an overview of the Aviation Weather Center operations and products. This will include a more detailed look at the Graphical Forecast for Aviation (GFA) product, which replaced the FA text product.


7 p.m. CDT

Freestyle Aerobatics

Jim Bourke


IAC member Jim Bourke talks about his approach to freestyle aerobatic competition. He will provide tips for anyone aspiring to fly freestyle aerobatics. Additionally, he will break down and discuss the details of his award-winning freestyle routine.


7 p.m. CDT

Flying with Aerovie EFB
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.

Bryan Heitman


Aerovie entered the electronic flight bag (EFB) space in July 2015 with a popular app to submit and review pilot reports (PIREPs). Later that year, the company added navigation and sophisticated weather visualization tools and the Aerovie EFB become one of the most powerful EFBs on the market for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. As user-friendly as this app is, there is still a lot to learn. Join founder, chief designer, and CFI-I Bryan Heitman, EAA 1120499, as he introduces the new EAA discount and takes you on a tour of Aerovie, including moving maps, terrain, weather, checklists, electronic logbook and track logs, updating charts/plates/diagrams, communications with Dynon, Avidyne, Lynx, a range of ADS-B/GPS devices, and more!


7 p.m. CDT

TFR and ADIZ: How to Avoid a Fighter Escort
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.

Douglas Dal Soglio


Discover the No. 1 reason general aviation aircraft are intercepted and how to avoid it. In this action-packed briefing, you'll learn practical steps to avoid temporary flight restrictions (TFRs) and what to do if you are intercepted. Join Douglas Dal Soglio from NORAD in an informative and lively session that will keep you out of trouble, and off the evening news.


7 p.m. CDT

Developing the Next Generation of Online Aviation Weather Forecasts
Qualifies for FAA WINGS credit.

Jamie Enderlen and Brian Hirsch


The National Weather Service (NWS) has created "gridded fields" of weather for several years but is expanding aviation elements over the continental United States (CONUS) in the next two years. This presentation will discuss information found in terminal area forecasts (TAFs), weather forecast products, and the emerging continuous gridded fields. The presenters will focus on current web pages that display portions of this data and serve as a listening session for what displays of aviation weather are most helpful to the aviation community.


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